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‚ÄčI provide counselling for adults, either individually or as a couple.  The session lengths are generally 50 minutes for individuals at a cost of 200 dollars and 80 minutes for couples at a cost of 360 dollars.  During the active phase of counselling, we would work together once a week or once every two weeks.  During this phase of therapy, the time in session is seen as valuable because new information, understanding, or tools are gained.  As change begins to occur, the frequency of sessions would decrease, as time outside of the counselling room becomes valuable to create the necessary changes.  In the beginning, clients are dependent on our relationship for the guidance, encouragement, and healing that is sought out, but as healing begins, independence is gained and a healthy interdependence with others.  

 I provide long term therapy for my clients.  This means that clients are ready to enter a therapeutic "relationship" with me and start a process of change.  "Long-term" is different for every client, but it means that you are choosing to make significant changes in your life and understand that it can take some time for change to occur.

I am of Indian origin, yet a first generation Canadian.  I am sensitive to many cultural and cross-cultural issues, and I am personally aware of the delicate balance of such a reality and the complications that can arise.  Also, I am sensitive to family dynamics that arise in many cultures.  I conduct all my sessions in English.  If Punjabi is your first language, you are welcome to speak it.  


  • Anxiety
  • Stress ("overwhelmed")
  • Physical symptoms that are connected to stress or emotions
  • Intimacy in relationships (emotional and sexual)
  • Relational distress
  • Trauma (any significant event(s) that create stuckness, either emotional or physical symptoms)
  • Addictions/compulsive behaviours (currently training)
  • Mindfulness
  • Somatic focused therapy (mind/body connection)
  • Depression
  • Personal exploration
  • Old patterns of behaviour and thought that keep you from doing life differently